Building Rental

Piedmont Kennel Club rents it’s facilities to groups hosting local, regional and national events. There are facilities for indoor and outdoor events. The building is 90′ x 240′ with a 200′ x 200′ grass area for outdoor events behind it. The total property acreage is 19.4+/- acres. There is room for lure coursing/coursing ability tests on the east side of the property. Use of tables and chairs is included in the rental. (*Note*: You may need to rent additional tables/chairs from another resource if you are seating a dinner or banquet). Contact us for facility rental information.

Helpful info to renters and those wanting to attend events of those who rent.
Please be aware that when clubs rent our facilities, we do not have access or knowledge of their events or daily schedules. Please contact the host group directly for details needed.

As you consider renting, we need the following:
*We have indoors, outdoors and/or clubhouse meeting space. There is room for 2 Coursing Ability Test/Junior Courser fields to be set up on the east side of the property.
*Prospective dates (your 2-3 weekend dates/date ranges of choice).
*Anticipated entry and anticipated human attendance.
*Does your group need agility, obedience, rally equipment? (Charlotte Dog Training Club) is the resource for that!)
*A copy of your club’s insurance policy covering your club/your event.
*RV Camping is available at Carowinds theme park and other area campgrounds. RV parking may be avalable on-site at PKC for National and/or Regional Specialties.

Contact the rental committee to determine whether overnight parking is available.
Expiration date must extend at least 90 days past the end of your event.
Local lodging info or catering resource info should be acquired by the host group for each event as that information is subject to change without notice.
Please direct your patrons to your own Host Group (name and number, website and/or Facebook/Twitter page) for information on your event.
Want to have an event in conjunction with our all-breed shows?

We encourage show-hosting groups to consider supported entries, concurrent specialties or matches in conjunction with our all-breed shows held in Greenville. Send an email to the rental committee with your info. Planning is time sensitive so please contact us for details EARLY. In order for your information (club info, trophies, etc.) to be published in our show details, we MUST have final-form information in hand by Feb 1 of each year. We will receive a proof to review for typos after Mar 1. Plan now for next year!

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