Breed Referrals

Prospective buyer should independently check all matters relating to American Kennel Club registration, health, and quality before making any suggestions. Below is a list of breeds owned by PKC Members. PKC can not guarantee breeders and accepts no responsibility or liability regarding any referral by the service. Referrals are here just for informational purposes only, and is not considered and endorsement of any breeder or kennel by PKC. However these people may have more incite and are knowledgeable to their particular breeds and can offer help and guidance.
For any breed not listed, see the American Kennel Club website. If calling by phone. consider the time-zone & call during reasonable hours. Click on a breeder’s name listed below to send a direct email inquiry. If you do not see a name listed with the breed you are looking for below, then please google that breed’s parent club. The parent club for each breed should be able to assist you in finding someone in your area.




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